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What’s this random blog about? And why the heck would I read any of this?!

 Hello there, fabulous person! It’s the ChaoticSeeker here, welcome to the Chaos!  Do you still read blogs? If yes, here are some details around the essence of this whole Blog. 

I believe in the importance of self-reflection and personal development. Having ideas and discussing them with people who are also interested in bettering their lives is a bit of a hobby of mine. And that is why this blog is finally a reality. Even with the chance of it never reaching anyone, I still have decided to put my thoughts out there on the wide wide web. 

The topics I will post on are: personal development, practical psychology and life-long learning and curiosity. The idea is to intertwine chaos and order by putting my thoughts in writing. 

By no means do I think I am an expert in anything I will write about. And for a long time, that had stopped me from sharing. I prefer to not take myself too seriously. But I have come to the realization that everyone starts their knowledge seeking journey somewhere. This Blog will be my learning path, where I explore ideas and topics that really interest me. Before presenting the posts, I may go through some research as well in order to enrich the content. At the end I wish to reach 2 goals of mine -  seeking knowledge and sharing it with You. 

With that in mind, as time goes on the topics may change a bit, as the World around us changes too. However, the focus will always be to provide content that will serve the readers and give “fruit for thought”, which in turn will hopefully ignite important discussions and personal growth in at least 1 person. That is something I would consider success!

Feel free to add your thoughts on the matter in the comments if any of the posts spark something in you.Whether you agree, disagree and if you were maybe offended. As we know getting offended these days is not hard, but let’s keep it classy and civil! ~

Last but not least - I hope you have a lovely day! Stay safe! ^__^ 

Image credit to: ElisaRiva on Pixabay


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